Ruby on Rails Developer

New York, United States | Technology | Full-time | Fully remote


ROCKETS OF AWESOME is reinventing the way parents shop for kids by leveraging technology, data, brand, personalization, and exceptional merchandise. We’re making shopping for kids apparel convenient and fun—This is the future of vertical commerce.

We are a New York City-based, venture-backed startup with extensive executive expertise. Join our creative and strategic team working to develop a scalable e-commerce system that powers a business with massive market opportunity. This team cultivates a culture of learning and continuous improvement by investing in automated testing, learning from real-world problems, and immediately adapting.

We value fun, simplicity, and teamwork.


We leverage technology, brand, data, and data science to:

  • Deliver a personalized experience — and the perfect communications, merchandise, and assortment — to our customers.

  • Continuously improve the physical and digital product.

  • Optimize merchandise creation, planning, and inventory management.

  • Create a fun, engaging experience for our customers and their kids.

  • Scale the business efficiently.


Ultimately, it’s all about solving problems and creating the best shopping experience for our customers. Some of the ways we’ll do this include:

  • A back-end e-commerce platform with Ruby on Rails (Solidus) at its core, serving our basic catalog and order management requirements.

  • Snappy APIs to serve responsive web and native mobile clients, and to receive messages from external systems. Our APIs are built with Rails, but we’re excited about the potential of learning and using some compelling new technologies.

  • A resilient, non-blocking architecture.

  • A responsive front-end powered by tools like Next.js, React.js, Sass, and modern tooling.

  • A recommendation algorithm that will start simple and get smarter as we learn.

  • A data pipeline that powers business intelligence and our recommendation algorithm.

  • Tight collaboration with Product and Design and short feedback cycles.

  • Digital and physical products integrated in a cohesive user experience.


Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

  • You’re smart and you get things done.
  • Have at least 3+ years of engineering experience.
  • You prefer shipping early and often and tight feedback loops.
  • You favor simplicity and optimize for clarity and learning.
  • You believe in automated testing -- and automation in general, when it makes sense.
  • You have broad experience, but have deeper expertise in a few areas. We all have different strengths, and we’re filling out a multi-discipline team.
  • You have experience with Ruby on Rails, or willingness to learn as much as you need to.
  • You have experience with or a desire to learn more about functional programming with modern languages like Elixir and Elm. We're building some components to scale efficiently with cutting-edge technology.
  • You care about code quality, expressiveness, and refactoring.
  • You're mindful about continuously improving, teaching, and learning. No tool, pattern, or process is sacred.
  • You enjoy working with other developers, pair programming as much as you’re comfortable with, and participating in constructive code review.
  • You know a good API when you see one, and can explain what's so great about it.
  • You have experience with PostgreSQL or other relational and NoSQL databases.
  • You want to build awesome new things and reinvent no wheels. Where we're going, we won't need wheels.